We are happy to announce that Simona Mantovani will represent INTERPATENT at the upcoming ECTA Annual Conference in Antwerp from
As you are probably aware, reduced fees intended to promote and support the growth of small, less-experienced companies by allowing
What happens when the owner of an Italian trademark application or registration becomes aware of the existence of third parties’
We are delighted to announce that Manuela Bruscolini and Maria Cristina Goicoechea will represent INTERPATENT at the upcoming Annual Meeting
Everyone is acquainted with the ‘5 W rule’ in the field of journalism, media and communication, but have you ever
For over 20 years the EU Design Legislation has remained practically unaltered while the world has kept constantly changing, this
Effective 11 March 2024, the official fees applicable to trademarks in the Republic of San Marino have been increased.
It has been scientifically proven that synthetic, incisive, catchy phrases or sentences availing themselves of rhythms, rhymes, assonances, alliterations, word
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