Our professionals are available to assist our customers in using a so-called "time stamping" service (virtual notary), which allows for the certification of ownership of documents, associating them with a precise date and time, thus allowing to establish a priority date enforceable against third parties.

Furthermore, since this service can be extremely useful for the purposes of IP consultancy, our Firm may perform the required due diligence in order to evaluate which intangible corporate or personal Intellectual Property rights can be protected through this innovative tool.

Blockchain (Distributed Ledger Technology - DLT) is a digital ledger, a shared and immutable data structure, which includes items grouped into blocks and linked together in chronological order.

To date, it is to be considered an advantageous and innovative solution for the defence of intellectual property and copyright.

The integrity of the entire blockchain is guaranteed by the use of cryptography and this makes it usable whenever you want to give a firm date / authorship to a work of art or a creative and innovative work.

This technology supports intellectual property rights, in particular copyrights, know-how and anything that can be classified as an intangible asset.

Blockchain technology together with the use of cryptography certifies the immutable proof of the existence of a digital file or document at a given time and protects owners against misappropriation by third parties or improper use.

The service is provided by Interpatent in support of intellectual property for companies: once a document is uploaded and archived in the blockchain, a certificate showing the date and time of the upload will be generated and have legal validity proving ownership of the document itself.


invulnerability to tampering
ease of use
immediate protection against possible plagiarism or misappropriation by third parties
privacy protection
legal validity of certification at international level
prevention of illicit behaviours by third parties
low cost
remote accessibility to the certificate at any time

Our services in this field include:

Virtual notary

artistic works and works subject to copyright
trade secrets
packaging and labels
attribution of date to undated catalogues
web page certification
programming codes, algorithms and web page layouts
data and research
intangible assets that cannot be protected by trademark, design, utility model or patent


Trademarks /Patents/Designs

evidence of use of one’s own trademarks, to avoid non-use cancellation actions
means of evidence to prove notoriety and use in trademark opposition proceedings
disclosure of unregistered community designs
complementary documents on the commercial use of unregistered designs
defensive publications for patents or designs
documents relating to contracts, licenses, non-disclosure agreements
projects, plans, technical plans and drafts (for example documents drawn up in preparation for filing a patent, utility model or industrial design)


IP & Blockchain Project Management

strategy for the development of a platform or tools for traceability, anti-counterfeiting and control of supply chain based on blockchain
contracts for agreements with providers
knowledge of the market concerning available providers
solutions also available after platform development


We provide our experience and deep knowledge of Italian and foreign legislations for assisting our clients in evaluating applicability of blockchain in the protection of intangible corporate and personal Intellectual Property rights.