We offer our broad technical and legal experience in helping clients to decide whether, when and where to file a patent application.

Our services include:

Preliminary investigations into patentability of an invention.
Drafting of patent specifications in compliance with the requirements of national and international Law provisions.

Filing and prosecution of national applications for Patents for Inventions, Utility Models, Designs, Patents for Plant Varieties, Supplementary Protection Certificates for pharmaceutical products in Italy and abroad.
Filing and prosecution of European Patent applications in French, German and English, and validation of granted European Patents in the designated States.
Filing of PCT applications with the Italian Patent and Trade Mark Office (UIBM), the European Patent Office (EPO), the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) and corresponding prosecution before the competent Offices, including their entry into regional and national phases.
Payment of Maintenance Fees.
Filing of petitions for Recordal of name changes, address changes and, in general, changes of ownership due to assignments, mergers etc.
Filing oppositions before the European Patent Office in French, German and English and technical and legal assistance in opposition proceedings.
Assistance and advice in case of contentious matters, infringement or unfair competition and defence of the patent portfolio against challenges to validity.
Translation of patent specifications from Italian into French, German, English and Spanish and vice versa.
Patent and Scientific Searches on on-line databases, optic data carriers and paper archives.
Watching for new applications filed or new patents granted in a selected field or in the name of a particular competitor in Italy or abroad.
Assistance and advice in the matter of Exploitation of inventions, for instance in negotiations for licenses and assignments.
Assistance and advice in Patent, Design and Trade Mark Portfolio Evaluation.