The protection of corporate trade marks (and not only trade marks) must be increasingly conceived and developed at 360 degrees. It is indeed no longer sufficient to monitor only the possible filing by third parties of identical or similar trade marks or potentially confusing domain names, but it is also necessary to monitor any possible unauthorized use of one's own trade mark on the Internet. Counterfeiting is also gradually shifting towards the contents of websites.
In recent years, in addition to the classic tools of monitoring and intervention to protect Intellectual Property, our firm has adopted innovative technologies, methodologies and strategies aimed at detecting the use of identical/similar trade marks in the web world, in order to then be able to intervene in a quick and targeted manner.

The analyzing and monitoring step includes:

social media (Facebook, Twitter, Intagram, Linkedin, Tumblr, Pinterest. Vk, ...);
Online auction websites (eBay, Facebook marketplace);
e-commerce websites;
B2B purchase and sale websites;
market places (Amazon, Alibaba, Taobao, Ioffer, Aliexpress, 1688, Tmall, Wish);
Search engines;
apps/app stores;;


Our approach:

Analysis of the results obtained from searching and monitoring activities;
Preparation of reports for clients on a monthly basis about the activities carried out, highlighting critical issues and intervention priorities;
Autonomous starting of procedures including warning letters/reports by using the tools made available on the single platforms;
Prompt detection of abuses and intervention through automated processes (for example,  removal from auctions and/or from exchange websites, disabling of payment process, warning letters and notices of removal from websites sent to Internet Service Providers).


All this protects the value of investments made in respect of the brand, reduces the risk of frauds through pay-per-click websites, reduces the risk that unauthorized persons divert web traffic to non-affiliated websites or illegal websites that associate the trade mark with unwanted contents. In addition, online reputation of the trade mark is safeguarded.