An ornamental form genuinely believed to be new might however reveal to have already been registered by a third party.

For reducing the risk of interfering with rights of third parties, it is therefore important to conduct similarity searches among registered designs before introducing on the market a new product that contains aesthetic aspects (three-dimensional form, ornaments, colours, etc.) potentially having an individual character and therefore potentially worthy of protection.

Analogous attention is furthermore useful for evaluating the actual innovative power of the form used and to be protected before applying for design registration.

In this field we offer a broad range of search services among specific categories of designs, selected according to our Clients' needs, either limited to a specific authority, such as for instance the Italian Patent and Trademark Office or the EUIPO, or extended to a number of foreign governmental offices.

Our searches in the field of Industrial Design can regard specific owners (search by name) and/or one or more classes of products (according to the International Locarno Classification for Industrial Designs).

Searches among designs can also be integrated by conducting patent searches and trade mark searches.

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