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The aim of these articles is to keep our Clients and Associates updated about developments in the sector of Intellectual Property in general and our firm in particular. In this way, we wish to provide a broader view of the tools that the field of trade marks, domain names, patents, designs and related rights offers to entrepreneurs to enhance and protect their efforts in researching and developing new solutions and ideas.

San Marino’s Recent Increase in Trademark Fees

Effective 11 March 2024, the official fees applicable to trademarks in the Republic of San Marino have been increased.

The main difference lies in that before said date the filing and renewal fees for trademarks up to three classes were the same, i.e. EUR 200.00 (EUR 300.00 for collective marks) irrespective of whether the trademark covered one, two or three classes, and a fee of EUR 50.00 was provided for each class from the fourth one on.

Now, filing and renewal fees in the amount of EUR 150.00 (EUR 250.00 for collective marks) are provided for one class and a fee of EUR 50.00 is applicable to each additional class from the second one on.

In practice, the increase in the filing and renewal fees only concerns trademarks in three classes, whereas trademarks in one class benefit from a slight reduction and for trademarks in two classes and trademarks over three classes the fee remains unchanged.

Some of our trademark attorneys at Interpatent are also admitted to practice before the Patent and Trademark Office of San Marino and would be happy to advise you as to the best strategy for protecting your trademarks in this country.